The Ten Greatest Puzzles of Infinity

Any comprehensive account of our knowledge of infinity must, of course, also include an account of what we do not know. To be sure, we know less about our ignorance than we do about our knowledge. Our map of the sciences still contains a lot of blank spaces of which the only thing that is clear is that something is unclear about them. Many of these puzzles are either directly or indirectly related to infinity. We have listed here only the ten most important of them. You may be awarded, and rightly so, a Nobel prize if you find a solution — or even just part of a solution — to any of the following puzzles:

Puzzle Solution expected by
1. Dark matter 2015?
2. Dark energy 2020?
3. Higgs boson 2012 likely found
4. CP violation 2020?
5. Neutrino mass 2015?
6. Proton decay 2015?
7. Quantum computer 2030?
8. Extraterrestrials ???
9. Immortality 2050?
10. Consciousness 2050?

If these puzzles strike you as too tough to crack, why don't you try some of the easier puzzles of infinity here?


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