Miracle: an event whose occurrence is not explainable by ►laws of nature, typically caused by a ►god or by the agent of a god.

Due to His ►omnipotence, God is able to trigger any kind of miracle (except, perhaps, those that are logically, and not just physically, impossible). That is why theistic religions generally allow for the possibility of miracles, though differing considerably with on their practical significance. Miracles are frequently regarded as signs of closeness to God or explained in terms of a miracle-working person sent or picked by divine order. Thus, the Bible credits ►JesusĀ of Nazareth, as well as his apostles, with a variety of miracles. By contrast, the founder of the religion of Islam, Muhammad, largely managed without miracles.

Current protestant Christian faith — at least outside of the USA — conceives of the miracles of the bible as mere allegories. For catholicism and some parts of US protestantism, miracles are confirmed facts that have not only occurred in former times but can still occur any time today. Certain ideological groups such as the ►creationists and the ►esotericists regard the existence of miracles as an essential part of their worldview. This is why some suppliers of esoteric worldviews such as the Indian guru Sai Baba regularly arrange for public miracles as part of their marketing strategy.


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