Parascience, also called pseudoscience, is a worldview or doctrine that, though using scientific terminology or scientific methods, produces claims that can be neither verified nor falsified scientifically, unlike genuine ►scientific theories.

Parascience is often used to support religious, esoteric, or mystical views alongside contemporary science-based worldviews. Typical parasciences are Creationism, ►parapsychology, and cryptozoology, which studies mystical species of animals such as the Yeti (or Bigfoot). Parascience is itself an object of scientific research; for example, (real) scientists of the ►GWUP — the Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parascience — examine the claims, methods, and motives of various parasciences. Of course, a feature of every parascience is that its followers vehemently deny that it is a parascience in the first place. 


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