Huh (also Heh, Hah, or Hauh): the Egyptian god of time and infinity, whose image as a hieroglyph symbolized the number 1,000,000. The god is depicted as supporting the firmament with his arms widely outstretched. The majesty of his gigantic appearance is diminished only by the fact that he possesses the head of a frog.

The ancient Egyptians believed that prior to the creation of the world there was only a dark, chaotic ocean of infinite space and time. This ocean was inhabited by the eight gods of chaos: the Ogdoad, four frog-like gods along with their four female counterparts, the snake goddesses. With the creation of the world began the passing of time, and Huh (one of the frog gods) and Hauhet (his counterpart) were placed in charge of eternity and immortality.

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